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The Society aims to raise the profile, both on and off campus, of the “Innovation and Excellence” that describes the academic research culture at the University of Stirling.

The Society shall achieve the stated objective by the following methods:

  • Providing a recognised forum for the purpose of enabling postgraduate students within the University of Stirling, to meet and communicate on a regular basis.
  • Organising and providing opportunities to participate in excursions of academic, historic and cultural interest. These may be of a general nature, organised in such a way as to stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas between researchers from a diverse range of academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds.
  • To ensure that the experience of postgraduate study at the University of Stirling is as enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding as possible.

Membership is open to all registered students, members of staff, and the spouses and partners of both. Non students can join the Society, but have non-voting status.

The name and e-mail address of all members are added to our mailing list so that they can be informed of Society events and any other events occurring in the University of Stirling that we think might be useful.  We do not wish to send junk mail, therefore if members are unhappy with any of our mailings, we request that they please inform us as soon as possible.  We will take their comments into account and remove them from our mailing list if they so wish.

How to become a member

If you wish to join the Society, please send the an e-mail to email us confirming that you have read the following statement of policy regarding the data protection act.

You may then have all, some or none of the following information included in the Members Page.
Please indicate which:  Name  Department  Country of origin  E-mail address  Home-page URL.

  • The Data Protection Act
  • The new UK Data Protection Act (1998) came into effect on 1 March 2000. The Act enhances the rights of the individual data subject in relation to the processing of personal data in an electronic or a paper form. It also lays out a series of basic principles that must govern the actions of data controllers and processors when handling personal data.

    The Data Protection Act has required us to think carefully about the way in which we handle data such as postal addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. When members provide the Society with personal data they have expectations about how that data will or will not be used. At the Postgraduate Society we want to ensure that we do not use personal data for purposes that members would not reasonably expect. In the interests of openness we have formulated the following policy statement which you should read carefully:

  • Postgraduate Society Statement of policy regarding the Data Protection Act
  • All member data, is securely held by the Chairman and the Secretary of the Postgraduate Society. It is treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of each individual society member and we will not knowingly disclose this data to a third party without prior consent from the individuals concerned. However, we feel that some members may wish to have their name, nationality, department of research and contact details available on the World Wide Web so that prospective Postgraduate students, society members and colleagues from around the world may contact them about their research work and life at Stirling. This is purely optional and we will only post a members information on the web if the member sends the Society an e-mail confirming that they have read this and are happy to have their information displayed on our "Members Page" in the format that it is currently shown there. Under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act you have the right to object to the use of your data for any of the above purposes.

Last updated 12 September 2006