Second SPPA Seminar Day

University of Glasgow, Saturday 9th October 2004

69 Oakfield Avenue (Department of Philosophy)

To view details of abstracts and, if we have them, full papers for this seminar day, please see the proceedings for this event.


11.00-11.30 Registration
11.30-12.45 The Agent as Cause?
Markus E. Schlosser (University of St Andrews)
Response: Ezio Dinucci (University of Edinburgh)
12.45-13.40 Lunch
13.40-14.55 The Surveyability Dilemma
James Philip George Mawby (University of Glasgow)
Response: Jean-Louis Hudry (University of Edinburgh)
14.55-15.10 Break
15.10-15.20 General Meeting of the SPPA - Election of new member to committee
15.20-16.35 Kantís account of treating human beings as ends: perfect duty, imperfect duty and their interrelation
Dan Dennis (University of Edinburgh)
Response: Brian Michael McElwee (University of St Andrews)
16.35-16.45 Break
16.45-18.00 Is Lewis' Modal Realism modal realism?
Ross P Cameron (University of St Andrews)
Response: TBA
18.00 - Post-conference drinks and meal

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