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Third SPPA Seminar Day

University of Stirling, Pathfoot Building

April 16 2005

To view details of abstracts and, if we have them, full papers for this seminar day, please see the proceedings for this event.

A brief report of the day, and photos from the post-conference meal are now available online.


11.00 – 11.30 Registration (Arts and Humanities Common Room)

11.30 – 12.45 Room C1: “In defence of Immodesty: A Reply to John McDowell”
Sujan Riyadh (University of St Andrews)
Response: Tom Cunningham (University of Stirling)

12.45 – 13.40 Lunch

13.40 – 14.55 Room C1: “Action without Intention”
Ezio Di Nucci (University of Edinburgh)
Response: Markus Schlosser (University of St Andrews)

14.55 – 15.10 Break

15.10 – 16.20 General Meeting of the SPPA (Room A7)

15.20 – 16.35 Third (split) Session

Room A7: “The Limits of Quine’s Criterion for Ontological Commitment.”
Marcus Rossberg (University of St Andrews)
Response: Davide Rizza (University of Glasgow)

Room C1: “Response-Dependence Distinctions Distinguished”
Eline Busk (University of St Andrews)
Response: Matthew Connor (University of Aberdeen)

16.35 – 16.45 Break

16.45 – 18.00 Room C1: “Conative Motivation and Normative Motivation”
Matthew Millar (University of Edinburgh)
Response: Simon Robertson (University of St Andrews)

18.00 Post-Conference drinks and meal at the Meadowpark