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The 'Mind2005' Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Mind took place at Edinburgh University on Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July, 2005. Attendance at the conference was free and open to all. 70 delegates, including speakers and responders, attended the conference.

The conference was generously supported by the Mind Association, the Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association, the Scots Philosophical Club, the Philosophy department in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at Edinburgh University, and the Analysis Trust.

The conference included eleven graduate talks and three keynote talks. The graduate talks were followed by brief responses, mainly delivered by staff and students from Edinburgh and students from nearby universities. One exception was Asuncion Alvarez's talk on Peacocke's theory of concepts, which was followed by a response from Professor Peacocke himself. All sessions concluded with a half-hour discussion session. The discussion sessions proved vigorous and searching and stimulated an atmosphere of lively discussion in the breaks.

The conference opened with the first keynote speaker, Professor Hans-Johann Glock of Reading University, discussing theories of concept-possession. The second keynote talk, by Professor Timothy Williamson of Oxford University, took place on the morning of the second day. Professor Williamson's talk was about externalism and action-explanation. Professor Christopher Peacocke of Columbia University closed the conference with the final keynote talk. His topic was the metaphysics of the past and the understanding of past-tense sentences.

The three keynote speakers also made positive contributions at all the postgraduate sessions, for which the organisers are very grateful. Topics covered in the postgraduate sessions included concepts, the metaphysics of perception and perceptual content, consciousness, the possibility of artificial modelling of the mind, and mental anomalism.

The organisers wish to thank all the sponsors, whose support made the conference possible and enabled them to reimburse speakers for a large proportion of their expenses.


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