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Current members

The department of philosophy at the University of Aberdeen The SPPA members directory aims to provide names, universities, courses, email addresses, home page URLs, research interests and photographs for most philosophy postgraduates at Scottish universities, and so to help members keep in touch.

This facility is new, and is still under development, so there are a number of gaps.
We are doing our best to fill them as quickly as possible.

View the directory for all universities to see a summary of the records for all members (not including, for example, photographs), or choose from the links above to view the directory for a specific institution. From within the directories, you can click on a member's name to see the full record for the member on the page for their university, or choose to browse the full records by university and/or course (PhD or non-PhD). Where a student has given a paper at an SPPA event since March 2004, the full record has a link to the information about their talk that we hold on this website, which will include a link to the paper abstract.

Note: St Andrews and Stirling run a joint MLitt and Diploma programme (SASP). Most students on this course are based in St Andrews, but they appear in the directories for both institutions.

If your details are missing or incorrect, please contact your SPPA representative or the SPPA webmaster.

You can also contact the relevant SPPA representative if you have any questions about postgraduates or postgraduate study at an institution.

Join the SPPA

Membership of the SPPA is free, and enrolling on a postgraduate philosophy course at the universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews or Stirling automatically confers full membership, unless the student opts out by informing the Secretary they do not wish to belong to the association.

We also welcome postgraduates at those institutions studying subjects closely related to philosophy, as well as anyone studying postgraduate philosophy or related subjects in Scotland with other institutions. If this applies to you and you would like to join the SPPA, then please contact the Secretary.

All members are encouraged to subscribe to the SPPA mailing list, which carries news and announcements relevant to philosophy postgraduates in Scotland.

In addition, associate (non-voting) membership is open to anyone with an interest in philosophy in Scotland. Joining the mailing list automatically confers associate membership of the SPPA where the subscriber is not already a full member.

Both full and associate members are welcome to post to the mailing list (on relevant topics, of course) and to attend SPPA events.

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