Online survey about SPPA seminar days

1 May 2005

The SPPA is keen to get feedback from its members on all aspects of its work. To this end, we have just implemented our first membership survey using the technology made available via JISCmail, who host the SPPA mailing list.

The SPPA first decided to institute its series of seminar days - informal events with papers and responses from current postgrads at Scottish universities - in December 2003. Now three such events have been held, the most recent in Stirling in April 2005, we'd like to know what our membership think of the idea, its execution and how we should proceed in future.

Anyone who has subscribed to the SPPA mailing list can complete the survey. We'd like to hear your views even if you haven't attended a seminar day in the past, and are unlikely to do so in future.

To join our mailing list online, visit our mailing list website.

Once the survey is concluded at the end of the month, members will be able to view the results online. We will also publish a summary of, and committee response to, the results on our website.

To find out more about SPPA seminar days, visit our events page.

If you have any questions about this or any other SPPA news item, please contact us.